Hi, everybody! Welcome to Main Street DIY’s 5th project ever!! I have a fun and simple tea light lantern for you to make. This project is kid tested and approved so the whole family can join in! It’s also perfect if you have a couple jars laying around. Feel free to put your own spin on things. Make this craft your own!

Let’s go over supplies! You’ll be able to make a bunch of these lanterns with all of this.

Supplies List:Appx Cost:
Mason Jar$2 / jar
Tea Light or Fairy Lights$3
Black Acrylic Paint$1
Round Sponges in 2 sizes$3
Frosted Glass Spray Paint$8
Paper Clip or Pointy Object$0
Paint Brush$2
Twine/ Ribbon$3
*Approximate Cost of Supplies:$22
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. Please note that this cost will cover multiple jars.


Grab your Frosted Glass Spray Paint and Mason Jar. Follow the instructions on the can and cover your jar on the outside.

The can of paint I used will cover (single coat) 4 regular sized jars and 5 mini jars.

Let it dry completely!

Using a Big Round Sponge, dip into your Black Paint and dab a circle on your jar. Follow that up with two smaller rounds for the ears.

Tip: If you mess up–I know I did–simply wipe off the black paint with a wet paper towel before the black paint dries. If you let your frosted glass paint dry completely before you started, you won’t have a problem.

Alternative: cut out circles of paper and glue/tape them down instead of using paint if that is easier!

Use your Brush to smooth out any bubbles or edges. Or just to correct your circles. Your brush might pick up paint off of the jar. No worries! Dabbing your brush can help with that or add a second coat.

Let dry completely before adding a second coat if necessary.

Get a Paper Clip or anything with a fine point to dot on black paint to create some “pixie dust”. Draw little ‘x’s for some classic Disney visual effects. I dotted mine in a diagonal swirling shape that met in the back.

Almost done!

Wrap your twine or ribbon around the jar mouth and finish in a bow.

You can fill your jar a little with sea glass or sand if you wish. Adding charms or beads would look really cute, too!

Put in your tea light or fairy lights.

You made it!

Great job! I hope you had fun with this craft. It’s a great addition to your candle collection or centerpiece. This project is super flexible, too! You don’t have to use black paint, you can throw on some glitter, or use paint pens. Make it your own!

My mom works at an inclusive elementary school and brought in little jars for the kids to try out our project. They really enjoyed it! Here are a couple of photos from school.

Thanks for making this far! Let us know if you did this project by tagging us on Instagram! Be sure to check out our other projects and share with your Disney-loving-DIY friends!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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