Ready to set sail on the Happiest Cruise? Here it is, everyone! A clock inspired by Disneyland’s very own “It’s a Small World”. It is a functioning clock with a 3/4″ clock movement. 3D features include the cheeks and eyes. Everything else is painted! Let’s go over supplies:

Supplies List:Appx Cost:
10″ diameter 3/4″ thick Clock Face$8
White Spray Paint/ Acrylic Paint$10/ $3
Silver Glitter$3
Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint$2
Metallic Gold Paint Pen (optional)$4
34mm Wooden Buttons$3
Size 20 (or 1 1/4″) Pins$3
1″ Styrofoam Balls$3
3/4″ Clock Movement Kit$8
**Total Approximate Cost of Supplies:$44/ $37
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.
Tools List:Appx Cost:
Craft Glue$2
Wood Filler or alternative$5
Wire Cutters$10
Black Colored Pencil$0
Scrap Paper$0
Hobby Knife$5
Flat Head Acrylic Brush$3
Fine Liner Acrylic Brush$3
Sanding Block$5
**Total Approximate Cost of Tools:$33
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.


Prep the Pieces

Before anything, paint your Clock Face white with either Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint. Let that dry while you prepare the other elements.

Take one Styrofoam Ball and slice it in half using your Hobby Knife.

Cover your halves in Craft Glue–be fairly generous–and sprinkle your Silver Glitter overtop both. Let this dry completely before handling!

Grab an extra styrofoam ball or something to stick your size 20 Pins in and paint 18 of them gold using a paint pen or your gold paint.

Use Wood Glue or an alternative to fill in 4 of your Wooden Button holes. Let dry according to the packaging. Two should be nice and smooth so use a Sanding Block and flatten out the glue as best you can.

Paint the buttons Metallic Gold. Once dry, you can use a lighter gold or paint pen to draw 8 spokes on 2 of the buttons. These will be the eyes.

If you have determined your clock hands will have enough space, clip off 2 pin heads from your size 20 pins using Wire Cutters. Use your craft glue to set them in the center of your eyes. You now have 16 left for the cheeks.

Tip: I saved this for after installing the clock movement just to make sure I had enough clearance.

Each cheek gets 8 pins. Stick them pretty low as the clock hands need to be able to pass over them.

Glue your silver styrofoam halves onto 2 of your golden buttons.

Sketching the Face

Using Scratch Paper, cut out the shapes for the forehead, eyes, and nose. The triangle forehead is about 1/3rd of the clock face’s diameter. Mine was 2 5/8″ tall. Leave 1″ blank on each side of the clock face.

The eyes stop just before the center of the clock face. Mine measured 2 1/8″ tall. The triangle overhangs 1/2″.

Sketch out the eyes and nose. They are shaped like cups and taper towards the middle where the nose goes.

Either trace your scrap pieces of paper or use a ruler to draw onto the clock face.

For the smile, make a small mark about 1.5″ from the edge of the clock face, bottom center. Use a ruler and continue to make marks around the perimeter. Connect them together.

Place your cheeks on your clock face to determine how high you want them on the smile. Make sure they’re even! If I drew a straight line from one end of the smile to the center mark, it’d be 3.5″.

Draw the decorations in the triangle. The “jewel” piece in the center is an oval with tapered top and bottom. There are six swirls on the bottom. They swirl towards the center. Or you can to your own design instead!


Paint your clock face with the metallic gold paint using a small flat brush for the straight parts. Use a liner brush for curves!

Using a black colored pencil, lightly shade your “jewel” piece and line under the right sides of some of the swirls. Imagine the light coming from the left! It makes a shadow on the right.

Shade the little overhang part of the triangle to make it pop away from the clock face.

Putting it all Together

Get your clock movement and feed it thru the hole. The rubber washer is at the back of the clock. On the front, you have a washer and a nut. Make sure you’re centered before tightening up the nut. Hang it on the wall to check and adjust!

Glue your cheeks in place and complete the clock movement by adding the hour hand, minute hand, another nut, and second hand! See if the hands clear over your pins. Adjust if necessary.

Again, check to see if your hands clear over the eyes before gluing down. Let it all dry!

Finished! Fini! Finito! 완료된! できた!

Amazing work, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this DIY “It’s a Small World” inspired clock. I’m very happy with how mine turned out. A lot had to do with proportions and making everything as symmetrical as possible.

Thanks to everyone reading this all the way down here! Glad you could be here! Please let us know if you made this by taking a pic and tagging us on Instagram. Please share with your Disney-loving DIY friends and family. It would mean a lot to us! Also, follow us on Pinterest! Thank you!!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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