May the Force be with us! We’re all joining the Resistance, but first…maybe a glass of blue milk. For this project we will be creating a juice glass coaster! It can also function as a glass cover if you’re outside or just a fun piece of art to show off in a shadow box!

Here are the supplies. You’re going to need to order some things online for this one, but it’s totally worth it!

Supplies List:Appx. Cost:
Black Metallic Acrylic Paint$2
Red and Black Foil Cardstock$6 in a pack of 48
Wooden Circles$5 for 5 circles
Acrylic Circles$5 for 5 circles
**Approximate Cost of Supplies:$18 for 5 circles
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.
Tools List:Appx. Cost:
Craft Glue$2
Toothpick or similar$0
Paper Towel or rag$0
**Approximate Cost of Tools:$8
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.


Begin by opening and printing out the file below. You’ll find two sizes of the Resistance Emblem. (Obviously, I don’t take credit for the emblem design)

The smaller one is for 3″ circles like the ones I made, the bigger one is for coaster size (4-4.5″). Yes, I made mine too small to be a standard coaster BUT it still works for juice glasses.

Either cut out the emblem and trace onto the back of your Red Foil Cardstock and cut that out… or just cut the two out together to save time. Do this for the number of coasters you want/have supplies for.

Take your Wooden Circles, trace on the back of your Black Foil Cardstock and cut one out for each coaster.

Set aside your cutouts and paint your wooden circles with the Black Metallic Paint on both sides and the edges. Let it dry!

Tip: Paint with your brushstrokes going the same direction.

Use Craft Glue to secure your black foil cardstock to one side of your wood circle.

Wipe off the excess with a Paper Towel or rag.

Use your craft glue again for the emblem cutout. Make sure it is a really thin layer of glue. Stick it on dead center and really work on those thin parts so they stay down. The cardstock will have warped with your glue, no worries! it’ll be fine.

Next, add some wear and tear by using your fingernails to scratch and dent your emblem.

Once everything is set and dry, prepare your Acrylic Circles. They come with protective films that need to be removed before gluing onto your coaster. Take one side (or both) off, make sure no dust is on it, and set it aside.

Use a Toothpick to spread a very thin bead of E6000 around the edge of your coaster. This will turn a little bubbly once the acrylic circle is on. It works for this project, but it’s definitely not a “clean” look so be warned for other projects.

Apply your acrylic circle and put under a flat weighted object to dry.

You Made It!

And without getting caught to boot! Congrats and have yourself a blue milk, green milk, cocktail… whatever you want! Thanks for crafting this Resistance Coaster with us.

Thanks to everyone who made it this far. Please check out our Instagram and Pinterest! Follow us for more Disney inspired projects and pictures from Disneyland and California Adventure. Let us know if you made this craft by tagging us and share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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