Flower gleam and glow and happy 10th project to Main Street DIY! Today we’re making a Tangled inspired vase to display our beautiful magic flowers. This project is fairly simple so let’s go over what supplies you’ll need!

Supplies List:Appx Cost:
Faux Yellow Lilies$3
Additional Faux Flowers/ Greenery$8
Cylindrical Clear Vase$10
Vase Filler$3
Yellow Paper$1
Tracing Paper/Tissue Paper$1
Fairy Lights$5
*Total Approximate Cost of Supplies:$31
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.

Tools List:Appx Cost:
Glue Stick$1
Hobby Knife$5
Wire Cutter$4
Sun Template$0
*Total Approximate Cost of Tools:$10
*Cost is approximated with coupons/sales and if you don’t already have all the supplies. You may have leftovers!
If the cost is $0, I’m assuming you already have these things.


Start off by filling the bottom of your Vase with Vase Filler. I used sea glass I already had. Don’t fill it too much. Just enough to raise your “lantern” up a little bit.

Grab your Yellow Paper and roll it to fit inside the vase.

Mark the height of your vase on your paper with a pencil.

Cut the paper across where you marked. I used a straight cutter to get a perfect 90 degree angle.

Make sure you like the height of your paper. I ended up slicing off a little more.

Make a mark where your paper overlaps.

Print out the Sun Template (link in the Tools Table) and pick which size would work best for your vase. I used the smallest size.

Hold up your template under the yellow paper to a window and trace the sun design onto the yellow paper.

Use a Hobby Knife to cut out the shapes. Go slow and take your time! You got this!

Take your Glue Stick and glue around the sun design on the back of your yellow paper and attach your Tracing Paper/Tissue Paper.

You can cut your tracing paper to fit before or after gluing.

This is extra, but you can cut out little shapes surrounding your sun and glue some metallic paper to show thru the holes. My yellow paper had these designs on the front so I just cut a few of those out using my hobby knife.

Glue the rest of the tracing paper down.

Glue your paper into a cylinder where you marked earlier.

Drop in your Fairy Lights. I only had purple, but it looks pretty cool!

Lastly, grab your flowers and arrange how you please! If you need more support for your flowers, you can use a piece of cardboard and cut a hole for your flower stems.

You Made It!

Great work, everybody! I hope you enjoyed this little project inspired by Tangled. It feels very summery and bright! The lilies look a lot like the flower in the movie. It’s a perfect centerpiece for any Disney lover! I had to use actual greenery to fill in the spaces. Luckily, I had a lot of plants that needed some trimming anyway!

Thank you for making it all the way down here! I hope you stick around to look thru all of our other projects. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest. We really appreciate any likes and shares! Tag us if you made this project and thanks again!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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