Welcome, foolish mortals. We’re going to be trapping the soul of a ghost for today’s project. If you couldn’t get your hands on a Haunted Mansion Spirit Jar, now is your chance to create your own! It doesn’t light up like the originals, but it is just as spooky and easy enough to make. Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies List:Tools List:
Glass Apothecary BottleDisposable Cup
Color Shifting PaintWire Cutters
Black Metallic Paint
Dark Colored Chain
Sticker Paper


Begin by squeezing in some of your Color Shifting Paint into the Apothecary Bottle.

Swirl around the paint in the bottle. Don’t cover the entire thing yet!

Squeeze your Black Metallic Paint into the bottle.

And swirl that around, too.

Keep adding paint, alternating between the color shifting one and the metallic one, and swirl your bottle around so there aren’t any gaps.

Pour out excess paint into a disposable cup. This takes a while, but you could also just empty it over the trash, into another bottle to use later, or simply don’t pour it out at all.

Your bottle may look different from the one in the photo. It all depends on how much paint you add and frequency you add them.

Let the paint settle for a while. The paint will flow in the direction of gravity, so be aware of how you let the bottle sit and know that the final result may look different.

See how the black paint has some odd vertical spots? That’s from letting it sit for an hour or so.

Repeat as necessary to fill all empty spots. I ended up with one more round of adding paint.

To make your Spirit Jar look authentic, print out the label on sticker paper, cut, and apply to your bottle. I will provide what I created for my jars including a Madame Leota label and labels for bottle necks.

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Finally, wrap your Chain around the bottle neck and tie it. Cut off the excess with a wire cutter.

You Made It!

How delightfully ghoulish! Which spirit did you capture? I made a jar for both the Hatbox Ghost and Madame Leota. They are essential to the Haunted Mansion. Speaking of which, this project was to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! It’s time for a swinging wake!

Thank you to everybody who made it down here. Please follow us on Instagram for more projects like this and photos from the park. Don’t forget, we have a Pinterest so pin away! Be sure to share with your Disney loving friends and family, too! We’d really appreciate it!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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