Welcome! Many people are wondering what to do with their buttons they get from the Disney Parks. I’m here to show you my favorite way with a shadowbox! You can do it very organized or like a collage. Either way, your buttons will look great! Let’s get into it:

Supplies List:
Your Disney Buttons
Shadow Box of choice
Thin Foam or Cork (optional)
Black Felt (optional)


Select which buttons you want to display.

I’ll be using two Halloween AP buttons, a Festival of the Holidays AP button, three small assorted buttons, a Walt Disney Imagineering button I received as a gift, and four different AP Days buttons (also a gift).

Grab your shadow box and remove the back.

The best shadow box for this project is one with a black fabric background. You’ll know if you have the right one if there are pins pinning the sample picture down when you go to buy it. If you can’t find one like this, you can use a foam piece or cork the size of your shadow box opening covered in black felt. That way, you can slide your buttons in and out without leaving a bunch of holes.

I used this ticket shadow box from Michaels. I chose which buttons I thought worked best in color and size to display together. In the finished pictures below, you’ll see the collage option for displaying your buttons.

Arrange your buttons the way you like. I chose to do a very organized display. I made sure my eye wasn’t being drawn to any one place before finalizing my button placement.

Straighten out the pin backing and check to see the direction of the pin compared to the image. Sometimes the pins are slightly off from the picture. You just want to make sure the image is level.

This is the tricky part. Pin into the fabric and slide your button in. You’ll need to pin it off to the side a little so the button becomes centered. when you slide it in Take your time and redo as needed.

Do the same thing for the remaining buttons!

Once every button is in place, check to see if each image is level. Then, pop it back into the shadow box.

You Did It!

I hope you like your new button display! What buttons do you have? Any AP holders out there? Or maybe you just like the little ones you can pick up while in line…in any case I hope you had fun!

Here is another way to display your buttons of all shapes and sizes!

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All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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