Welcome! We’re wishing on the evening star with this project inspired by Princess and the Frog. It’s a great little night light and decor piece that will have you wanting some of Tiana’s delicious beignets. These are the supplies:

Supplies List:Tools List:
Shadowbox (2″ depth)Paper Slicer
Dark Blue Glitter PaperHobby Knife
Black CardstockRuler
Black Foam CoreClear Tape
LED String Lights (with functions)Tracing Paper

Let’s Begin!

I first took the foam off of the frame’s backing using a hobby knife. Cutting it into pieces and scraping along the edges made it easy to pluck off.

Then, I traced the backing on black foam core to get the right size.

Using a hobby knife and ruler, I cut out the foam core.

After untangling and prepping my LED wire into zig-zags, I fixed the wire to the foam core using tape. It isn’t pretty, but it’s functional!

I made sure to leave a margin around the foam core. It was about 1/4″.

This will be the very back of the shadowbox. The frame backing will only be used to secure everything inside.

I took some tracing paper and marked wherever the lights were shining by drawing a small circle over each light.

Then, I took my glittery blue paper that I cut to size and taped the tracing paper onto it.

Using the pins that came with the shadowbox, I poked holes thru the tracing paper and glitter paper.

It turned out like this. The pin holes had bright light coming thru and the glitter paper had the LEDs shining thru like fireflies.

Shadowbox Elements

I printed out some line art of Tiana and a magnolia tree to the perfect size I needed for my shadowbox. I just did a Google Image search and threw the images into Illustrator. You can also print out the image you want and cut it out.

Using my hobby knife, I cut out the silhouettes.

Then, I traced the images onto the black cardstock separate from each other (as they are two different layers).

I cut out the black cardstock silhouettes using a hobby knife.

I cut out some leftover foam core and sandwiched them together with glue.

Tiana is layered in the foreground, the tree in the background.

Then, I stuck a thin piece on the very edge of the tree to support it against the frame. No floppy paper here!

Light it up!

I had to pull about 12″ of the LED string out and tape it behind the tree and Tiana. The black silhouettes weren’t showing up against the blue glitter paper. This added backlight to the silhouettes.

To accommodate the LED wire, I cut a notch out from the foam core and glitter paper. The battery pack is outside the frame.

After all of that fuss–and it truly was a fuss–the silhouettes still weren’t showing up as much as I wanted. I noticed some tape I used to stick the lights to the tree was showing thru and it was dispersing the light from the LEDs. It made that part of the tree stand out. Eureka!

I decided to create an outline of clear tape around Tiana so she’d pop out.

It served two purposes. 1st, you can actually see her against the dark background. 2nd, it helps her stick against the glass. Win-Win!

It turned out really well!

All Done!

I just loved this project. It’s subtle and beautiful. Honestly, it’s a perfect night light. I used these LEDs that have 9 different settings. It was really important for me to get ones that could glow like real stars and fireflies.

Thanks to all of you who made it down here! If you liked this project, please follow us on Instagram and Pinterest. We have so many other projects that will fill you up with that Disney spirit. Be sure to share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family! We’d really appreciate it!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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