Welcome to the Hollywood Tower Hotel. We invite you, if you dare, to step into our story amid the ghouls and ghosts of Halloween night in Hollywood 1939. Do you have any luggage you’d like brought up to your room? We’ll make arrangements for that.

Today, we’re creating a little luggage treasure box inspired by the ride formerly known as The Tower of Terror. This piece was designed and created by our very own quilting queen, Marianne, and it’s the perfect project to get into the Halloween spirit! Let’s…check in.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Unfinished Wood Luggage boxAcrylic Paint Brush
Burgundy Acrylic PaintPencil
Burnt Sienna Acrylic PaintCarbon Paper
Black Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
White and Gold Paint Pens (or paint)
Colored Pencils

My dear guests, from here on out, I’ll be going thru the project as if I were the one who made it. Thank you.


First, I painted the entire outside of the box (minus the handle and hardware) with a mixture of Burnt Sienna and White paint. It’s very close to the color of the unfinished wood, but it creates the perfect canvas for the rest of the project.

Second, the handle was painted a grey-brown using Burnt Sienna, Black, White, some yellow and a hint of gold paint. It’s basically a desaturated brown.

Once everything dried, I took some carbon paper–one of the greatest things in the world–and a printout of the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo and placed it over the front of my box.

I used a pencil to trace over the printout so a carbon copy would appear on the box itself. You don’t have to press hard at all. It transfers very easily.

Next, I painted the inside of the logo using the Burgundy paint and a tiny brush. It’s okay if you get outside the lines a little. That’s fixable!

I created a base for my metallic gold by painting the outside and letters of the logo white using a paint pen. You can also use the white paint and a tiny brush.

I used a gold paint pen to draw overtop the white once it was dried. It gave more control than a paint brush.

I added “leather straps” all the way around the box using the Burnt Sienna paint and dotted black studs on top when the brown was dry.

For final details, I used colored pencils to lightly outline each element. The gold part of the logo was outlined with a tan pencil, on the inside of the logo I used a dark red, and the straps, a dark brown.

I added highlights to the studs and straps using a white gel pen. You can use a colored pencil or paint if you don’t have a gel pen.


Any “guest” can make this project. It’s a perfect addition to your everyday or Halloween decor. The gold paint is really metallic and so satisfying when the light hits it. And best of all, you can store your ghostly treasures in it!

Thank you for taking a look at our Mini Luggage Box project. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more projects like this one! We’d really appreciate it. And share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family.

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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