We’re celebrating the anniversary of Disney’s “Fantasia” with this sorcerer’s hat. It has fairy lights so at night, it can be an adorable night light! It’s a softer interpretation of the hat with the use of tulle. Here are the supplies:

Supplies List:Tools List:
Foam ConeHot Glue + Glue Gun
Foam RingFlat Head Pins
2 6″x25yrd Spools of Dark Blue TulleScissors
Fairy LightsPaint Brush
Glitter PaperTape
Light Blue Paint
Gold Cord


I started off this project by painting my foam pieces. The ring I got was green, so I used a base coat of white before painting over with light blue. I mixed in some glitter paint, but I don’t think it actually did anything. I also painted my cone with the same blue.

Next, I used some batting to fill in the space between my cone and ring. Don’t glue it down, you want to be able to remove the ring for the next step.

I started wrapping the fairy lights around the foam ring and replaced it over the cone with the batting.

I traced a circle around the base of my foam pieces on some scrap cardboard and cut out two pieces.

Then, I glued the cardboard pieces together to make a sturdier base.

This piece was glued onto the bottom of my cone.

The fairy lights were then wrapped up the cone using a dab of hot glue (on low heat) to keep the wires in place.

The extra length of fairy lights was brought down the front of the cone and glued in place.

Next, I taped the end of the tulle strip to the bottom of my cone and brought it up and over the tip of the cone.

I did that multiple times until there were no gaps.

Then, I started wrapping the tulle around the cone starting from the top, wrapping all the way down the cone portion of the hat. I glued the top bit down before wrapping.

To create the rim of the hat, I used flat head pins to hold the tulle in place, gathering little bits and pinning all the way around the ring. It took about three layers to cover the ring. You could also hot glue the tulle to the ring.

I took a piece of leftover gold cording from another project and wrapped it around the base of the cone and gluing in the back.

Finally, I cut out stars in all sizes and a big moon from an ultra glittery cardstock and glued them onto the tulle cone.


This project makes me happy. It brings up memories of the giant hat outside the Disneyland Hotel and of Fantasmic when Mickey appears with a flash of fireworks.

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