Best. Day. Ever! I like to do a princess bracelet at least once a season and here we go with Rapunzel! I decided to go with a color scheme that matches her dress with crown-like accents. You’ll need:

Supplies List:Tools List:
Dark Purple BeadsFlush Cutters
Light Purple/Pink BeadsRound Nosed Pliers
Yellow/Gold/Bronze BeadsFlat Nosed Pliers
Gold Toned Beads with Jewels20 Gauge Wire
Sun Charm
Lobster Clasp + Jump Rings

“When Will My Life Begin?”

I started off by cutting around 12 inches of my wire. I used silver toned wire, but gold would be very pretty as well! Just make sure to match your wire color with your lobster clasp.

Then, I started stringing on some beads. I always do symmetrical designs. I didn’t really have a plan. I did have to take all my beads off to add more on the ends.

I wanted this stone encrusted bead to be center to represent Rapunzel’s crown. Then I flanked it with two round beads that were a marbled white.

I followed that up with light pink beads and a dark purple beads.

The dark purple beads came in multiple sizes which added great variety to this bracelet. I used the smallest and next to smallest sizes.

I wanted the purple and pinks to be towards the center and yellows on the edges. I have a couple bronze beads so it isn’t in-your-face yellow and a single yellow bead on each end.

Next, using a flat nosed plier, I bent my wire 90 degrees.

Taking my round nosed plier, I wrapped the end wire around into a loop.

The loop was finished by wrapping the wire around two to three times and clipped with a flush cutter.

This is where I tested the fitting and decided I needed more beads. I added another bronze and white bead to each end.

I added my two charms onto the finished side by opening their jump rings and slipping them on. Make sure your jump rings aren’t too big or they will slip off the end.

Using the same method, I created a loop on the other end, securing my lobster clasp inside.

At Last I See the Light!

These bracelets are so easy to do and it’s really fun to take a character’s color scheme and find beads that match. The wire will hold its curve so the bracelet can be displayed nicely when you aren’t wearing it. You could use memory wire for a much longer lasting piece of jewelry. You’ll need special memory wire cutters and a lot of strength, though.

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