Happy Holidays! Today, we’re making a caddie to carry all of your table essentials (ie silverware and napkins) that also has a hint of Disney magic. It’s rustic chic and screams “Fall”. It’s also so easy to create! Here are the supplies:

Supplies List:Tools List:
Wooden Caddie of your choiceWire Cutters
15′ Fall Garland (wire base)Hot Glue Gun+Glue
Gold Paint/Gold Paint Pen
Cotton Cording


This project is super easy because all it takes is a couple of pre-made items you can find at the craft store. With so many sales and coupons, they’re not that expensive!

I started off by separating the wire bits from the main garland. I love the little acorns and pine cones on this guy. Make sure your garland has pieces with wire inside so you can manipulate them.

Then, I simply started bending each piece and laid them on one side of my caddie. Manipulate and change as much as you like. I used the bottom corners as starting points for my little branches.

I also wanted to have a hidden Mickey on each side so I made them in different ways using the various bobbles/pieces of the garland.

Once the design was decided, I hot glued the branches down! I mainly glued the little bobbles themselves so I could use my fingers to press them down and not get burned.

The first side is easy to complete because it’s flat on the other side, but you’ll have to apply the rest of the branches from the side.

After all the sides are covered, I made little dots with my gold paint pen to add some glimmer. Little clusters look great!

I found that the caddie sort of blended into my table so to create a sense of separation, I added a line of gold on the bottom perimeter.

Finally, I wrapped some cotton cord to the handle to make it look a little more rustic. It feels nicer to carry as well.

All that’s left to do is fill the caddie with all of the holiday meal essentials! I found some mason jars and raffia (from a previous project) and put them into my caddie. Lastly, I added silverware and a bunch of napkins.


Well done! This caddie is perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s Autumnal, it’s rustic, and it carries all the things you need for your table setting! The hidden Mickey’s give it a touch of Disney magic for your holiday meal.

Thanks for making it all the way down here! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more projects like this. And share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family. We’d really appreciate it!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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