Merry Christmas, everyone! For this project, we’re celebrating Christmas with the Fab Five. These ornaments are cute and sparkly! It makes a great centerpiece or tableside Christmas tree.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Silver Glitter Foam SheetScissors
Gold Glitter Foam SheetSingle Hole Puncher
White Glitter Foam SheetHot Glue + Gun
1/4″ Red Velvet Ribbon
White Pom-Pom Ribbon
Small Metallic/Glitter Bobbles
LED Fairy Lights

Merry and Bright

I found some silhouettes of the Fab Five and printed them out. You can use any images you like, I chose the classic side profile silhouettes. I also had this Mickey glove coffee scoop that I could use.

These are the same silhouettes I used in my pin wheel project. I downloaded them from this blog.

I traced two of coffee scoop gloves onto the back of my white glitter foam sheet and cut them out.

I then drew on the three black lines onto the front.

That’s when I realized two of the three glitter foam sheets actually had adhesive backings and cut out a piece of cardstock to put on the backs of the shapes.

To complete the ornament, I used a single hole punch and punched out holes from the two gloves and tied a piece of red velvet ribbon.

I cut out the Mickey silhouette and traced it twice. The first went onto the back of the gold glitter foam and the second on the silver. I cut them both out and cut out a piece of cardstock to match the silver adhesive backed piece.

To make one of these silhouettes into Minnie, I added a bow using the same red velvet ribbon and hot glued it on.

I proceeded to cut out the other silhouettes.

For Pluto, I hot glued on a tiny bell to his collar and the ribbon was glued on the back instead of using a hole punch. There was no space to use it.

Then Goofy and Donald. Each had adhesive backing so I added cardstock to the backs.

Time for decoration!

I wrapped my little tree with star shaped LED fairy lights.

Then, I added the silhouette ornaments and bobbles.

I used the white pom-pom ribbon at the base of the tree

and draped a couple strands onto the tree as well and topped it off with a snowflake.

All done!

This project was fairly quick and easy. Well, I did have to cut out the silhouettes about 3x each, but it got there in the end! They’re very satisfying to look at. It’s a great craft for older kids and adults alike. You can make it as a Christmas day activity or have it prepped for next Christmas.

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