Bright suns! With our current circumstances, I think it’s safe to say this project will be useful for all households for this year and beyond. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is a great piece of home décor that is also functional. Hang up your masks on these little droid pegs after a day out!

Supplies List:Tools List:
Flat Rectangle Wood PieceE6000
1″ Wooden Peg PeopleSmall Paint Brushes
Metallic Paint in Black, SilverSmall Fan Brush
Black and White Acrylic PaintPencil
Light and Dark Blue, Orange, Grey, Black, White Paint PensRuler
Black, White Colored PencilsGloss Varnish

Ignite the Spark

Starting off, I had some reference photos at the ready of some droids found in Galaxy’s Edge. I liked the little black and orange droid from the Rise of the Resistance ride and I, of course, had to make R2D2.

The panel is going to look very geometric. I found where I wanted my droid pegs to go and marked that off.

And really, you can do whatever you want here and have fun with it. I made a border and two sections in the panel.

I drew a random angle and went with it. Symmetrical on the top part of the panel.

Asymmetrical on the bottom.

Added some bits and bobs (aka circles and rectangles).

Let the painting begin! I had some metallic black paint left over from my Resistance Coasters project and painted the inner sections.

To add some color, I had this color shifting paint (seen in my Spirit Jars project) using a fan brush.

And some gold and red as well. Lightly brushing it on.

I painted my borders with metallic silver and defined some edges with a silver paint pen.

Using a gold paint pen, I filled in the bits and bobs. The paint pen can be more accurate in tight spaces, but it’s totally optional. You can use a tiny paint brush instead if you don’t have the paint pens.

To dirty up the borders and create a faux sheen, I lightly brushed on black and white paint in diagonal strokes.

Finished up the panel with a black colored pencil to add definition to edges and a white colored pencil to add highlight marks.

Top it with a Glossy Varnish if you want to be extra.

Creating the Droids

I painted 3 of my “male” peg people white (I’m calling them that because they came in a squarer form–“male”–and a more triangular form–“female”) and 1 black. That’s just the base coat. I chose the wrong white so it took 3 layers for it to look opaque (shakes fist at Craft Smart). The Folkart black acrylic paint is where it’s at.

For the R2 droids, they have these cute triangles on the tops of their heads. But basically, all the droids have the same chest designs. It’s a circle and a rectangle connected with a line, and then the second one is reversed rectangle-to-circle.

I covered these lil guys with the glossy varnish as well and popped them onto the panel face-up with some E6000.

These guys are ready to carry all of your masks now!

Til the Spire

Thanks for looking thru this project and I hope you’re inspired to make this mask hanger yourself. You can attach it to a wall with command strips–or blue tape which held up great for the photoshoot.

You’d be doing me a huge solid if you shared our blog with your Disney DIY loving friends and family. We have Instagram and Pinterest so you can go a pin our projects to your boards and spread the love. Check us out! Thanks and see you next time!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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