Welcome to another Princess themed bracelet project! Although these pieces aren’t in-your-face “this is a [insert princess name here] bracelet”, I love the subtle nod using color and some themed beads and charms. This bracelet is inspired by Cinderella with the little mice and a variety of clear and blue beads. I added a moon charm to reference the midnight curfew Cindy had before Fairy Godmother’s spell wore off. Enjoy!

Supplies List:Tools List:
20 Gauge WireChain Nose Pliers
Mice BeadsFlat Nose Pliers
Variety of Blue BeadsFlush Cutters
White and/or Clear Beads
Lobster Clasp
Moon Charm
Castle Charm


I pulled out my trusty 20 gauge wire and cut off about 12 inches. As you can see, I also separated out what beads I wanted to use. I have beads of varying shades of blue and they’re all in different shapes and sizes as well.

I like to line up my beads to get my pattern. I always go symmetrical.

Once I was happy with the order of the beads, I strung them on my wire.

Bending it into a circle, I wrapped it around my wrist for sizing. I ended up taking off the last square beads.

I strung on a lobster clasp directly onto one side. I don’t really like using a jump ring for the lobster clasp because it’s hard to control when you’re trying to put the bracelet on.

I bent back the wire to create a loop and crimped the two sides together a little bit.

Taking my flat nose pliers, I bent the free wire up and wrapped it around the bracelet wire 3 times.

I cut off the excess wire using flush cutters.

And squished the 3 wraps together to make a tight coil.

On the other end of the bracelet, I strung on my two charms.

And repeated what I did earlier with bending the wire 90 degrees up.

Using chain nose pliers, I gripped the wire and wrapped it around to create a loop.

I finished the loop by wrapping the excess wire around 3 times just like before.

Again, no jump ring here. I did use a chasing hammer on a bench block to make the end loop stronger, though.

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

That’s all for this bracelet. I hope you were inspired to create your own Cinderella themed piece of jewelry! I enjoyed picking out the beads and charm, especially finding the mice beads–they’re so cute! Overall, this project is pretty simple. If you have the right tools, making the loops for your bracelet becomes easier each time you try it. And it’s really just the three pliers you’ll need to make this and many other types of jewelry.

Thank you for joining me today on this project. Please follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more projects like this! And if you could do us a huge favor and share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family, it would be greatly appreciated! We do all sort of DIY projects, home décor, and art inspired by the Disneyland Resort and its lands and characters.

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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