March 2020 – March 2021 | Has it really been that long?

My mom and I were at Disneyland in March 2020 just before it shut its gates. We had prepped our trip with Lysol spray for our hotel room and our clothes, wipes for the ride handle bars and restaurant tables, and hand sanitizer we foraged from all over the house because every store was sold out. It was that time where we were told to not wear masks because of shortages.

It’s been one year since we were there and I can hardly believe it. I’m so thankful to have been a passholder and go to the parks 4 times a year. It has been a luxury, really. Disneyland is such a special place to many Californians and people from all over the west coast, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Many guests are locals, but there were guests from Mexico, Japan, and Korea too. There’s a hometown feel that is welcoming to all people no matter where you came from or what age you are and I really miss that.

I miss the smells. Popcorn, sugar, vanilla from Main Street. Grilled meat, pineapple, and damp concrete from Adventureland going into New Orleans Square. Tortillas and leather from Frontierland.

The music. The sound effects. The cast members. The people watching and window shopping.

Going to Disneyland is just one option out of many to escape the anxiety, the pressure, the stress, and the monotony of everyday life. Sometimes reading a book or playing video games isn’t enough and you want to live some place else for a change, you know? Well, that’s what Disneyland offers. You can actively participate in multiple stories going on in the park, you can enjoy each land’s unique ambiences, or you can find a quiet corner to simply relax in.

I don’t know how the changes to Disneyland due to the virus will affect the overall experience. My hope is that guests will do their part by wearing masks properly, washing hands, covering coughs, etc. If we all put in the effort for the sake of each other’s health and safety, Disneyland might just feel like it’s back to normal.

Be safe and be smart, everyone. Then we can enjoy Disneyland to the fullest when it opens up again. Let’s do it right.

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