Hello! There were so many cool pieces of scrapbook paper at the craft store–and they were all on sale. I just had a spark of inspiration and wanted to do this project! Not only did it produce a wonderful piece of art, it relieved some stress as well.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Various 12×12 Paper or Scrap PaperSponge
11×14 Black PanelScissors
Mod Podge (Satin Finish)Hobby Knife
Spray Glue – optional

note: I didn’t end up using spray glue. I kept with the Mod Podge

Getting Prepped

There are so many silhouettes to choose from online, but I wanted to find something more unique. I went to YouTube and looked up clips from Alice in Wonderland and screen grabbed a shot where Alice was curtseying to the Queen of Hearts. I used my Adobe Illustrator know-how and created my own silhouette.

I found these 11×14 black canvas panels in a 3-pack…so I had to make three of these silhouettes. But first: Alice.

After printing out my silhouette, I cut it out and used it as a template. I used pencil to draw it onto my panel.

Next, I tore up my paper (not the entire 12×12 sheet. That’s too much).

It was like putting together a puzzle. I didn’t limit myself to just tearing the paper. If I needed to cut using scissors I did that–which was necessary for small pieces or if I wanted a crisp edge.

Layer by layer I filled in the gaps and layered pieces on pieces until it looked good.

I simply covered the canvas with Mod Podge, put a piece of paper down, covered with Mod Podge. Repeat. I kept the hair and tights a single pattern each so they could be more distinct from the rest of the piece.

I used a white gel pen to outline her arms and face.

Lastly, I applied the Mod Podge all over in a circular motion. Where there were pools of Mod Podge, it dried white. I had to color in some spots with black marker and go over it again with the Mod Podge.

I also made Cinderella — this one might be my favorite. Check out the final pictures to see what she looks like.

And Aurora — she was more difficult to find a good screenshot of, but I landed on this one of her dancing. I ended up widening her skirt so I would have more area to work with. The final result looks great!

I was less precise with Alice’s hair compared to Cinderella and Aurora, but I think that’s okay. I was evolving my technique over time.

And That’s It!

Thanks for following along! I really enjoyed this project. I think they turned out beautifully. Only problem is: I don’t have enough wall space to hang these up! If you have a silhouette ready to go, this project doesn’t take too much time. I highly recommend looking thru some clips from the movies and taking a screenshot of a pose you really like.

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