Oh hello! I hope you enjoy this DIY planter–not quite sure what to call it exactly, but there are plants so…planter! We’re eventually going to mount this on our backyard fence, but it works perfectly well on a table or on the patio. The inception of this project was just picking up this wooden crate in the craft store and going, “What can we do with this?”. My mom suggested mounting it on the back fence and I suggested The Bengal Barbecue restaurant in Adventureland as our inspiration. Boom!

Supplies List:Tools List:
Wooden CrateHot Glue Gun + Glue
RopeFlat Paint Brush
RaffiaFan Paint Brush
Terracotta PotsScissors
Small Wooden SignCarbon Paper
Wooden DowelTracing Paper
Variety of Brown Acrylic Paint
Orange, White, and Maroon Acrylic Paint
Black, Yellow, Beige, Brown, Light Blue Paint Pens

Let’s go!

First off, I sketched The Bengal Barbecue sign onto the side of my wooden crate. I used a picture of the actual sign for reference.

To create a copy onto the other side of the crate, I traced my drawing and used carbon paper on the other side. So in total I drew this 3 times… but it was for a good reason!

I mixed up some browns and maroon and painted the background on each side.

With drying time in between, I painted the entire exterior of the crate a dark brown.

The entire inside was painted maroon.

Then I painted the Bengal Barbecue sign. For tight spaces, I used paint pens.

After everything is dried, I applied Outdoor Mod Podge according to the directions.

In the meantime, my mom painted the terracotta pots orange. Later, I wrote down menu items on the pots with my yellow paint pen and planted some leafy friends.

Next up, I measured and cut pieces of rope. Two shorter pieces for the horizonal sides and two long pieces for each vertical side. The long pieces will be folded in half so a curve is at the bottom of the crate and the end pieces at the top.

I glued the rope down and to hide the end pieces of the vertical ropes, I made two knots and hot glued them on.

Totally didn’t take any pictures of cutting strips of raffia ribbon and gluing them on the top of the crate, but I did do that. I even put some leftover burlap on first before covering that with the raffia.

To finish off the project, I had this garden sign with jagged edges that I painted to look like woodgrain and painted on the Bengal Barbecue logo.

I helped it stand up by cutting a dowel and gluing to the top of the crate.

All Done!

Thank you for joining me on this project! I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to create something. The Bengal Barbecue was a fun theme to do and makes me hungry for some beef skewers. I miss Adventureland!

If you made it all the way down here…wow! Great job and I really appreciate it! Please follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more projects like this one. Share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family, too!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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