All aboard the orange monorail! This project is pretty darn cute. I mean, who doesn’t love miniatures? Personally, I’ve always loved tiny things. This Easter basket packs in that feeling you get standing in Disneyland’s Esplanade. I was inspired by the banners in the Esplanade back in March 2020 that featured rides and attractions. So I made mini flags of my own.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Thin White FoamScissors
Thin Wooden DowelsHot Glue Gun + Glue
White Polymer ClayPaint Brush
Paint PensClay Tools
Woven Easter Basket
3 Shades of Green Felt

All Aboard!

I started of this project by cutting down my wooden dowels to the height–or a little bit shorter– of my basket.

To create mini banners, I sliced a 2cm strip from my thin foam. (I only use cm when it’s a small measurement. It just fits better sometimes).

And cut those into 6cm lengths. I tapered them a little bit at the bottom.

Before I worked on painting my banners, I painted the dowels metallic silver.

Using paint pens, I loosely painted the 4 mountains of Disneyland onto the banners: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and the Matterhorn.

When my dowels were dry, I hot glued them onto each “corner” of my basket. There weren’t any hard corners, so I just estimated.

I dabbed a dot of hot glue near the top of each of my banners, stuck it down, squished it up a little and glued that in place. It added motion and dimension to the banners.

Using polymer clay and a clay tool, I shaped the pieces of the monorail. Two end cars–where the driver sits–and three middle cars.

I didn’t have to make the middle hollow, but I was going for at least some accuracy. I rolled up some aluminum foil and stuck it in each hollow and baked for 30 minutes at 275 degrees.

Once baked and cooled, I sketched out the monorail design.

Then painted with paint pens!

Then, I cut out different shrub and grass shapes from my various green felt sheets.

And glued them on each side of the basket.

I wasn’t planning on painting the rim, but I did later. I would have painted that first before gluing on the monorail pieces…but here we are. I glued them on first.

I painted the outside and inside of the rim this light grey.

As well as the handle. Now it looks like the concrete railing of the monorail! If you end up making this, stuff this Easter basket full of goodies or it’ll tip over from the weight of the monorail.

This is Your Stop

Thanks for joining me on this project! I found it really fun to make especially with all the miniature elements. I hope you’re inspired to create your own unique Disneyland inspired Easter basket this year!

disneyland monorail easter basket diy project

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