Marvel's Avengers inspired Infinity Stone Bracelet

Avengers… Assemble! I was inspired by these beads I found at the craft store. They were circles and had different colored gems around the edge. I immediately thought of the infinity stones so I just had to make this bracelet. Bracelets are pretty quick for me to make now that I’ve gotten used to creating loops.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Glass Beads in Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Purple, and BlueFlush Cutters
Large and Small Gem Rimmed BeadsFlat Head Pliers
Small Round Metallic BeadsRound Nosed Pliers
Square Metal Beads
Large Silver Beads
20 Gauge Wire
Lobster Clasp

Let’s Begin

I collected all the types of beads I wanted to use in this bracelet. I didn’t have the exact colors of the infinity stones, but I used what I had.

I cut about 14″ of 20 gauge wire. I like this thickness because it holds its shape pretty well and you don’t really have to reshape it.

My centerpiece were the disk-like beads that inspired this project to begin with. I think they’re really cool and each one is unique. I used a larger version and two smaller disks.

I followed up with these tiny balls that sort of nestled in the disk beads. They made for nice little spacers.

Then, my first “infinity stones” sandwiched between two square metal beads each. I originally got these square beads to do an Indiana Jones bracelet.

In between each infinity stone sandwich was another small ball bead.

To get the length I needed, I added more of the disk beads, two metallic glass beads, and stacks of the square beads.

After I tried on the bracelet and decided the length would work, I bent the wire 90 degrees using a flat nosed plier on one end.

I grabbed that with my round nosed pliers and created a loop.

Wrapped the excess wire around 3 times and nipped off the end using flush cutters.

I used the same method for the other end, but this time I slid on a lobster clasp.


Thanks for following along with this project! I like these bracelets because they have a subtle hint to the stories they’re inspired by and they’re so sparkly and pretty. This can easily be worn with any Avengers Disney bound.

Marvel's Avengers inspired Infinity Stone Bracelet

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