This DIY was something I came up with after pulling out what supplies I already had in my craft cabinet. And honestly, I think it turned out so cute. I wanted to recreate a night at Disneyland when the fireworks are on full display. It’s going to look adorable on a shelf or bookcase and there’s a fun surprise when the lights go out.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Flat Rectangle Wood Piece 2.75″x7″Hot Glue Gun + Glue
Assorted Circles and OvalsTacky Glue
1.5″ (appx) Wooden Letters Paintbrush
Wooden MatchsticksRuler
Black Acrylic PaintPencil
White, Yellow, Red, Blue Paint PensToothpick
Glow-in-the-dark Paint
Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Gold Glitter Paint
Navy Acrylic Paint

Let the Show Begin!

I decided to use the word “Magic” for my fireworks display because it fits the Disneyland brand and also describes the feeling of watching fireworks. I painted all of the wooden matchsticks (5 total) and my circles and ovals with black paint.

You can see in my supplies photo that I already decided on placement for my fireworks. I used 2 larger circles, 3 medium circles, and 2 small–more like tiny–circles along with 4 medium ovals.

While the circles were drying, I started painting the main rectangular piece of wood with navy and black to create a gradient that represented the night sky.

To make this ombre effect, I started with a mix of my two colors. Once satisfied with the middle of my gradient, I darkened up one side with black and kept the other side pure navy.

I also painted the sides and back navy.

Next, I painted my letters metallic gold. Once they dried, I painted using a glitter paint as a top coat.

While the letters dried, I decided to use my paint pens to create my fireworks. I started with white and yellow, but added other colors for fun.

For the base, I created some dots (varied long and short dots) in the shapes of exploding fireworks. The circles got the usual round fireworks and the ovals got the “weeping willow” type fireworks.

I used the colored paint pens overtop the white, leaving some white revealed. I also added yellow dots in-between the white dots to add some dimension.

On the base rectangle, I added a variety of tiny white dots to act as stars. To soften some of these dots, I used the pad of my finger to dab the wet paint.

Then, I glued down my letters using tacky glue. I decided to align them to the bottom so I didn’t have to worry about keeping everything straight.

On the back, I measured 1/2″ from the top of my piece and drew a line using a pencil.

Sorry, it’s flipped now–Then, I marked out where center was and divided each half into half. I hot glued down my wooden matchsticks where I marked.

After the matchsticks were secured, I hot glued each of my fireworks bursts in the design I planned earlier.

Lastly, I used a toothpick and glow-in-the-dark paint and dotted each firework and star. Charge it up near a light source and you’re ready for the show!

The Big Finale

Thanks for joining me! This project might not have had a lot of planning, but it was sure fun to create and I hope you’re inspired to create your own fireworks DIY. The glow-in-the-dark paint works well–my bottle is a few years old and it still works–and it’s a nice little piece you can put in your bedroom or guest room.

You made it all the way to the bottom? Wow! You must have really liked this project. For more DIYs like this follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and please share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family.

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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