This is an addition to my Torn Paper Silhouettes project that was Alice, Aurora, and Cinderella and I’m so excited to share them with you! After my first Silhouette project came out, one of my best friends told me she would love to have Merida. I knew that I wanted to create more princesses, but her excitement pushed me to make them a little sooner than I might have. And here we are! I found some great papers at the craft store and got three more gorgeous princesses.

Supplies List:Tools List:
4-6 different pieces of colored/patterned paper eachSatin Finish Mod Podge
11×14 Black Canvas PanelCutting Mat
White Gel PenHobby Knife and Scissors
Flat Paint Brush
Cut outs of Princesses
Mat Finish Varnish

Here’s How it Started

I started with the same idea as the first round of princesses. I printed out my princess at the right size (around 11″ tall) and cut her out. This time around, I looked for an image that would work well as a silhouette and that I could modify to create something a bit more dramatic.

Using printer paper, I added on what I needed to create a full skirt/train.

I traced her onto the black canvas panel and added her facial features. I had to cut them out from the printout so I could trace them on.

My paper selection included a gold and white foil paper with an elephant pattern, a galaxy/paint splatter paper, a grey and gold marble paper, a light blue patterned paper, and a light brown paper that had different destination stamps as a pattern–I had to have some reference to “A Whole New World”.

Mod Podge at the ready.

I started with the hair and accessories using a scissor to cut out accurate shapes. I used the marble for her hair and the foil elephant patterned paper for her jewelry and shoes.

Then, I moved on to the skirt and pants. The key is finding the right shapes that work with the outline then building on top of them. This wasn’t a challenge to use only torn pieces of paper, though. If I needed to, I used my scissors.

I built up to the torso and when that was dry, I used my white gel pen over the face, shoulder, arms, and legs. If I messed up the white gel pen, I used a black paint pen to fix any mistakes.

I Mod Podged the entire canvas in swirling motions, 2 layers. Then used a Mat UV Varnish on the background so the princess popped more.

Merida was next. It was difficult finding her in a pose that was suitable for a silhouette. I ended up screen grabbing a clip from the movie.

I found a red and dark blue check “tartan” patterned paper, an arrow patterned paper, a gold and white foil paper with bears and other woodland creatures, a teal paper, and an ornate patterned brown and gold foil paper.

I started with her skirt and went up from there.

I cut out the arrow patterned paper to fill her quiver and made her bow with the gold and white.

Ariel was next and I made her too small! I found an illustration of Ariel, but I didn’t quite like the pose because her arms looked really short and one was up in her hair. I printed it out (about an inch too short, but oh well) and modified the arms and lengthened the dress.

The paper I used were a gold foil watercolor and “paint spots” patterned paper, a silver foil watercolor fish scale patterned paper, a purple watercolor patterned paper, a solid sea foam colored paper, and a light pink paper.

Again, I started with the hair. It’s important to note that I didn’t use a single layer of paper for her hair. It needed to have some layers (up to 3) so it would match the rest of the piece.

And I wanted to use a lot of the torn parts of the paper on the bottom of the skirt to represent the whitecaps of ocean waves.

All three pieces had a couple thin layers of the satin Mod Podge and the Mat Varnish on the background. You can see the difference on the picture above. Ariel’s feet, hands, and face are a little bit more black.


Thanks for following along with this project! These are so fun to create even if finding the right poses was a chore. My sister-in-law described them as constellations and I think I agree…especially Jasmine. They’re the new astrological signs. Anyway, I hope you’re inspired to create your own torn paper silhouettes!

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