Disney DIY Jumbo Pin Display

Welcome to another pin display project! This one follows the same style of the other pin display but a little bit different. This time, it’s an open display of shadowboxes and it’s for jumbo pins. I only have these 2 jumbo pins, but it wouldn’t be too hard to add on with more shadowboxes in case my collection increases.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Black Foam CoreCutting Mat
Blank Wooden ShadowboxesHobby Knife
Large Popsicle Sticks Scissors
White Gel Pen (option: to make it easier, a patterned paper)Ruler
Black PaintE6000
Craft Glue
Paint Brush


These little shadowboxes came with hanging hardware and twine on the back. I decided to remove them so the project could lay flat. (I put the hardware back on the top two boxes when I was finished just in case I wanted to hang it.)

I used two rectangular and two square boxes and the insides measured 3 3/8ths” x 5 3/8ths” and 4 3/8ths” x 4 3/8ths” respectively.

I then cut my foam core to those measurements.

Using scrap foam core, I cut out pieces that would fit behind my jumbo pins. I made them as big as possible so the pins would have more support. The pins themselves don’t have glue on them.

With my shadowbox placement set (the holes for the hanging hardware are on top), I decided where I was going to glue my popsicle sticks. I ended up having to cut one short to fit.

I used E6000 and glued the facing sides of my boxes together. I started with the bottom two boxes, then the top two. When those two sets were dry, I glued them all together.

Once dry, I used E6000 to glue my popsicle sticks onto the back, covering the seams of the four boxes.

With that set, I painted the entire front and sides of my display black.

To secure my jumbo pins onto their backgrounds, I used craft glue and stuck the pins onto the foam core.

ALTERNATIVE: If you wanted to make this project but don’t really feel comfortable drawing, pick out a patterned scrapbook paper you like and use that as your background.

They dried fairly quickly, but I kept them flat for as long as possible for good measure.

Next, I needed my white gel pen to decorate.

I traced around each pin onto the background.

And added doodles around the edges like a frame.

For the rectangular pieces, I just doodled some frames and drew scenes from Disneyland inside them. If I had more pins, I would fill these with them. Or, because the boxes are shadowboxes, I can use them as shelves to display tickets or fast passes.

I had to shave off some foam core for these to fit, but it worked out in the end.

Finally, I gently shoved my foam core pieces into the shadowboxes.


Thanks for following along! I’ve never had jumbo pins before and I was worried about where I was going to put them; they were too big for my regular way of displaying pins. I’m glad I came up with a solution that still works design-wise with the other displays.

Disney DIY Jumbo Pin Display
Disney DIY Jumbo Pin Display
Disney DIY Jumbo Pin Display

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