Halloweentime, Thanksgiving time, the leaves are falling and pumpkin décor is everywhere! We kept seeing these jute and fabric covered pumpkins at various stores and I wanted to make one of my own. Luckily, the craft store has pumpkins on sale around this time–and even though this pumpkin I chose as a base was beautiful on its own, I had to Disney-fy it.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Decorative PumpkinHot glue gun + glue
Jute RopeScissors
TwinePainter’s Tape
Thin Decorative Rope


Before I began decorating my pumpkin, I cut out circles from scrap cardboard at a proportional size. A mason jar lid did the trick!

Then, I took my twine and created 7 braids to fit in each groove of my pumpkin.

And I hot glued the twine in place. (I cut off the top knot of each as well).

I took the jute rope and glued a strip on each side of my braids.

I also used the jute rope and crocheted–just using my fingers– 7 lengths.

And again, hot glued everything in place.

To fill in the rest of the pumpkin, I swirled pieces of the twine and glued the spirals onto 6 open wedges (3 sides).

For the rest of the wedges, I scrunched the jute rope to separate all the little threads and create this texture.

The ears were created by swirling and gluing the twine on each side of the circles–trimming the cardboard as needed–and added a single strand along the outer edge.

I used a headpin and inserted it into each ear and stuck them into my pumpkin with some hot glue for extra support.

Finally, I added a bow made out of this burlap strip. I folded the outer sides into the middle, overlapping a bit, scrunched it up in a ‘W’ shape, glued in place, and wrapped with a little piece of thin decorative rope.

Then, I glued it onto my pumpkin.


This project turned out so nicely and I love how well it suits the Fall season. It fits in perfectly with out other decorated pumpkins and brings a little bit of magic to the room. I hope you are inspired to create your own Minnie Pumpkin!

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