We’re getting close to February and Valentine’s Day! People are starting to buy their valentines to hand out at school or to partners or friends. I was looking thru my craft cabinet and I had a lot of leftover craft supplies. One supply in particular has been extremely useful to me in multiple projects and that’s the variety of oval and circle wood pieces you can see in the Enchanted Birdhouse, Fireworks Display, and Pineapple Whip Sign projects. They make for very cute and easy flowers. So my idea for this project is that you can stick these valentines in your backpack or decorate your plant pots or even place them in a flower arrangement.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Wood Shape MixPaint Brushes
Wood CirclesHot Glue+Glue Gun
Wooden Dowels
Acrylic Paint – Green, yellow, pink, white
Paint Pens (optional)

Let’s Start, Sweet Hearts

To start off this project, I painted my 3″ Wooden Circles pink. Each circle is a little bit different. Some are more red, some are lighter. These are the center of the “flowers”.

Then, I painted my Wood Shapes making sure each circle gets 4 elements from the shapes bag. These are the “petals”. I chose a tiny circle, a small circle, a small oval, and a medium oval. I also used color shifting and metallic paints for a bit of pop.

Next I used my paint pens to create my designs. I needed a Minnie and a Mickey but I also made some normal valentines as well that matched. It’s like a bouquet…a set.

I wrote “I’m Yours” and “Be Mine” on the Mickey and Minnie valentines, “Be my Valentine”, and “Sweethearts” on the other valentines. I used metallic gold and silver paint pen to create dots on each valentine to tie the designs together. Then, I glued on my 1st layer of wood shape petals.

I painted my 12″ dowels with a green color shifting paint and let those dry while I took on the 2nd layer of petals.

For each valentine, there’s a large circle and two oval petals.

I glued the petals and the sticks onto the back of each valentine. It gives the flower more dimension and a fun, party vibe.

…and just like that, they’re done!

Valentines…ready to hand out!

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