About Us


We’re Alex and Marianne, daughter/mother combo from the Bay Area. Both of us–Alex speaking here. I’m the one in charge– love crafting and we’re pretty good at it in my not-so-humble opinion.

For the Love of Disney

I think all Disney parks each have their own magic, but the Disneyland Resort is our home park in California. We go to Disneyland to get away from stress and anxiety. We go to Disneyland to strengthen our bond. We go to Disneyland for merch, food, music, atmosphere, and inspiration. It’s home.

What Will we be Making?

All sorts of things! Painting, jewelry making, sewing, and a whole lot of hot glueing. We have weekly projects that fall into one of three levels of difficulty. Lots of projects will fit the season and holidays. We have park inspired projects as well as character inspired crafts.

My Disneyland Playlist

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