You’ll find projects here use faux flowers and pieces from the floral department at craft stores.

Hidden Mickey Fall Autumn Floral Ball Home Decor

“Fall Ball” – Hidden Mickey Floral Ball | Level 1

It’s November! The leaves are changing color and Thanksgiving is on its way. I always love Disneyland during this time of year. The decorations are beautiful and the atmosphere gives you those warm and fuzzy feelings. Hooray for sweater season! This project is inspired by those decorations at the park. It’s a hidden Mickey for … Continue reading ““Fall Ball” – Hidden Mickey Floral Ball | Level 1″

tangled rapunzel themed glowing vase

Magic Flower Vase – Inspired by “Tangled” | Level 1

Flower gleam and glow and happy 10th project to Main Street DIY! Today we’re making a Tangled inspired vase to display our beautiful magic flowers. This project is fairly simple so let’s go over what supplies you’ll need! Supplies List: Appx Cost: Faux Yellow Lilies $3 Additional Faux Flowers/ Greenery $8 Cylindrical Clear Vase $10 … Continue reading “Magic Flower Vase – Inspired by “Tangled” | Level 1″

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