Here are some simple jewelry and accessory making projects.

Infinity Bracelet – Level 2

Avengers… Assemble! I was inspired by these beads I found at the craft store. They were circles and had different colored gems around the edge. I immediately thought of the infinity stones so I just had to make this bracelet. Bracelets are pretty quick for me to make now that I’ve gotten used to creating … Continue reading “Infinity Bracelet – Level 2”

‘A Dream is a Wish’ Bracelet inspired by Cinderella | Level 2

Welcome to another Princess themed bracelet project! Although these pieces aren’t in-your-face “this is a [insert princess name here] bracelet”, I love the subtle nod using color and some themed beads and charms. This bracelet is inspired by Cinderella with the little mice and a variety of clear and blue beads. I added a moon … Continue reading “‘A Dream is a Wish’ Bracelet inspired by Cinderella | Level 2”

DIY Disney Princess Rapunzel Tangled Inspired Bracelet

Rapunzel Bracelet | Level 2

Best. Day. Ever! I like to do a princess bracelet at least once a season and here we go with Rapunzel! I decided to go with a color scheme that matches her dress with crown-like accents. You’ll need: Supplies List: Tools List: Dark Purple Beads Flush Cutters Light Purple/Pink Beads Round Nosed Pliers Yellow/Gold/Bronze Beads … Continue reading “Rapunzel Bracelet | Level 2”

Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Keychain

Pieces of Eight Keychain – Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean | Level 1

Yo ho! Ahoy! Today we’re taking treasures and pieces of eight to create a keychain. It’s super easy and a subtle nod to one of my favorite dark rides at Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean. Here are the supplies: Supplies List: Tools List: Key Ring with Clasp Scissors Thick, Leather Looking Cord Tape Wide Nautical … Continue reading “Pieces of Eight Keychain – Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean | Level 1”

“Make it Pink!” Bracelet – Inspired by Sleeping Beauty | Level 2

Hail to the Princess Aurora! She was raised by three good fairies, two of whom had very strong feelings for which color is the best. Pink or blue? With this project, you might have to make that decision for yourself…or maybe not? Here are the supplies and tools you’ll need: Supply List: Appx Cost: Pink … Continue reading ““Make it Pink!” Bracelet – Inspired by Sleeping Beauty | Level 2″

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