These are projects that use multiple types of media like painting, wood, and textiles all in one craft.

Autumn Pumpkin Minnie | Level 1

Halloweentime, Thanksgiving time, the leaves are falling and pumpkin décor is everywhere! We kept seeing these jute and fabric covered pumpkins at various stores and I wanted to make one of my own. Luckily, the craft store has pumpkins on sale around this time–and even though this pumpkin I chose as a base was beautiful … Continue reading “Autumn Pumpkin Minnie | Level 1”

DIY Sleeping Beauty Three Good Fairies Glitter Snow Globe in a Bottle

Three Good Fairies’ Glass Bottle Magic “Snow Globe” | Level 1

We all know that Princess Aurora has her three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Each has her own signature color: pink, green, and blue respectively. I had a lot of glitter leftover from previous projects and other packs of glitter that weren’t going to be used any time soon. I also had a really … Continue reading “Three Good Fairies’ Glass Bottle Magic “Snow Globe” | Level 1″

disneyland monorail easter basket diy project

Monorail Easter Basket | Level 1

All aboard the orange monorail! This project is pretty darn cute. I mean, who doesn’t love miniatures? Personally, I’ve always loved tiny things. This Easter basket packs in that feeling you get standing in Disneyland’s Esplanade. I was inspired by the banners in the Esplanade back in March 2020 that featured rides and attractions. So … Continue reading “Monorail Easter Basket | Level 1”

Disneyland Hotel Sign (with a twist!)| Level 3

Welcome! We’re celebrating the anniversary of the Disneyland Hotel with this project. It’s inspired by the original hotel sign, but it’s different! If you’ve been to the resort, there are three towers: Fantasy, Frontier, and Adventure. Each hotel has a sign outside with a monochromatic illustration representing each land. I didn’t want to be like … Continue reading “Disneyland Hotel Sign (with a twist!)| Level 3”

Disney Tiana Princess and the Frog inspired shadow box night light

Tiana’s Evening Star Shadowbox Night Light- Inspired by Princess and the Frog | Level 3

Welcome! We’re wishing on the evening star with this project inspired by Princess and the Frog. It’s a great little night light and decor piece that will have you wanting some of Tiana’s delicious beignets. These are the supplies: Supplies List: Tools List: Shadowbox (2″ depth) Paper Slicer Dark Blue Glitter Paper Hobby Knife Black … Continue reading “Tiana’s Evening Star Shadowbox Night Light- Inspired by Princess and the Frog | Level 3”

Jewelry Box – Inspired by Carnation Cafe | Level 2-3

Welcome in! For this project, I was inspired by my favorite place to get breakfast on Main Street: Carnation Cafe. If you’ve never been to Carnation Cafe, it’s a beautiful restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. Inside, there are tassel and stained glass adorned hanging lights, bold wallpaper, and warm wooden accents everywhere. Outside, you’ll … Continue reading “Jewelry Box – Inspired by Carnation Cafe | Level 2-3”

Enchanted Birdhouse – Inspired by the Enchanted Tiki Room | Level 3

Aloha! Welcome! Today we are creating a tropical birdhouse for our macaw hosts Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz. We’ll be singing like the birdies so grab your pineapple whip and let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need: Supplies List: Tools List: Gazebo Birdhouse Hot Glue + Glue Gun Twine Tacky Glue Wooden Matchsticks Scissors Assorted … Continue reading “Enchanted Birdhouse – Inspired by the Enchanted Tiki Room | Level 3”

pixar up themed house diorama

“Adventure is Out There!” Diorama – Inspired by “Up” | Level 3

Put on those flight goggles because we’re flying up, up, and away with this project! This diorama is inspired by Mr. Fredrickson’s house in Pixar’s “Up”. It’s a perfect decoration for a bookshelf; a place where you can find a multitude of adventures! This DIY uses Balsa Wood. I’ve named each piece that reflects what … Continue reading ““Adventure is Out There!” Diorama – Inspired by “Up” | Level 3″

Clock – Inspired by “It’s a Small World” | Level 3

Ready to set sail on the Happiest Cruise? Here it is, everyone! A clock inspired by Disneyland’s very own “It’s a Small World”. It is a functioning clock with a 3/4″ clock movement. 3D features include the cheeks and eyes. Everything else is painted! Let’s go over supplies: Supplies List: Appx Cost: 10″ diameter 3/4″ … Continue reading “Clock – Inspired by “It’s a Small World” | Level 3″

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