Here you’ll find projects that use paper as a major focus or component.

S.E.A. Sign Décor | Level 2

Hello hello! Welcome back to another craft. This project started off when I rediscovered some scraps of wrapping paper I got from a birthday present. It screamed Adventureland–and I think we all know by now if you’ve been following me, I love Adventureland. Instead of doing yet another Adventureland themed project, my mom gave me … Continue reading “S.E.A. Sign Décor | Level 2”

Mini Christmas Tree + Ornaments ft. The Fab Five

Merry Christmas, everyone! For this project, we’re celebrating Christmas with the Fab Five. These ornaments are cute and sparkly! It makes a great centerpiece or tableside Christmas tree. Supplies List: Tools List: Silver Glitter Foam Sheet Scissors Gold Glitter Foam Sheet Single Hole Puncher White Glitter Foam Sheet Hot Glue + Gun 1/4″ Red Velvet … Continue reading “Mini Christmas Tree + Ornaments ft. The Fab Five”

Happy Birthday, Walt!

Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901. For this project we’re celebrating with some birthday cupcakes! Now, we’re no cake decorators…or bakers, we just thought it’d be fun to do something different with a little mini craft anyone can make. We used the “Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes” recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction–they’re so good–and a … Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Walt!”

Disney Tiana Princess and the Frog inspired shadow box night light

Tiana’s Evening Star Shadowbox Night Light- Inspired by Princess and the Frog | Level 3

Welcome! We’re wishing on the evening star with this project inspired by Princess and the Frog. It’s a great little night light and decor piece that will have you wanting some of Tiana’s delicious beignets. These are the supplies: Supplies List: Tools List: Shadowbox (2″ depth) Paper Slicer Dark Blue Glitter Paper Hobby Knife Black … Continue reading “Tiana’s Evening Star Shadowbox Night Light- Inspired by Princess and the Frog | Level 3”

Jewelry Box – Inspired by Carnation Cafe | Level 2-3

Welcome in! For this project, I was inspired by my favorite place to get breakfast on Main Street: Carnation Cafe. If you’ve never been to Carnation Cafe, it’s a beautiful restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. Inside, there are tassel and stained glass adorned hanging lights, bold wallpaper, and warm wooden accents everywhere. Outside, you’ll … Continue reading “Jewelry Box – Inspired by Carnation Cafe | Level 2-3”

Incredible Collage – Inspired by “The Incredibles” | Level 2

Pow! Whap! Bam! We’re celebrating all of the super moms (and dads) out there this week with this Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein influenced piece featuring the incredible Helen Parr. You can really make this your own a variety of ways including picking different paper, color scheme, and including other mediums as well. Here are the … Continue reading “Incredible Collage – Inspired by “The Incredibles” | Level 2″

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