We all know that Princess Aurora has her three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Each has her own signature color: pink, green, and blue respectively. I had a lot of glitter leftover from previous projects and other packs of glitter that weren’t going to be used any time soon. I also had a really cool glass bottle that previously contained a delicious rose soda. So I had the idea to create a glitter snow globe, but with a bottle. It’s super easy to make, but it is glass so please be careful because if you dropped it…well, it would be the pink and blue splattered dress disaster wouldn’t it.

Supplies List:Tools List:
Glass Bottle with a screw topFunnel
A Variety of GlitterE6000
Small Faux FlowersHobby Knife

Captured Magic

Before anything, I removed the labels from my bottle. I soaked the bottle in warm soapy water and removed any leftover sticky stuff using my hobby knife.

Then I dumped in my glitter using a makeshift funnel. I started with a small amount, filled it with water to see what it was like…and decided I needed more. A lot more.

If my bottle were empty, I think the glitter would have to reach at least 1/3 of the bottle height. I also used these flaky iridescent confetti that were really cool in this bottle.

I added a few faux flowers and filled up the bottle with water almost to the brim.

To secure my screw top, I used E6000 on the inside of the cap.

The pink/red glitters dyed the water pink. Which works out in this case.

I even made a giant bottle to represent Maleficent’s magic. It’s fun to see how the different bottle shapes affect how the glitter interacts inside.

All done!

It’s that easy. Sure, the cleanup was a bit much (clean up with a damp paper towel and toss in the trash, not the sink), but I got to recycle a few things and made something really fun to play with. If you are inspired to create this and you have children, I suggest using a recycled plastic bottle instead. The bottles got pretty heavy with the water and glass.

Thanks for making it down here! Check out more projects on our website, Instagram, and save our pins on Pinterest. Please share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family too!

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