hanging light made of burlap with dangling tassels

Welcome! This week’s project is inspired by the hanging lights found in Adventureland’s Topical Hideaway at the Disneyland Resort! It’s the newest eatery at Adventureland and they sell the best treat on earth: Dole Whip. The ambiance is also very relaxing and the area features some fun hanging lights that I wanted to recreate so I can get that Tropical Hideaway feeling at home! Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies List:Tools List:
10 inch Floral HoopWire Cutter
Floral WireScissors
Craft WireHot Glue + Glue Gun
Burlap in brown and other color(s)Painter’s Tape
Wired Fabric Ribbon
Raffia Ribbon
3 Wooden Dowels
Shell Beads
Wooden Beads (variety)
Fairy Lights


The Skeleton

First, take your Floral Wire. Measure and cut four 14 inch lengths.

Prepare your Floral Hoop.

Bend about 1.5″ of each of the lengths of floral wire and wrap around the floral hoop. These will be your base wires.

After bending the wire, I looped it around itself before wrapping the rest around the hoop.

Measure and cut 12 inches of the floral wire.

Shape the wire into a circle that has exactly two loops.

At the top of your base wires, measure 1.5 inches and bend it outward around the double-looped circle.

Wrap the excess and repeat with the other base wires.

At this point, you can mold the base wires into your lamp shape. To support the lamp, we’ll be using Wooden Dowels.

A little above the half-way point in your structure, measure and cut the dowels to size. We’ll be fixing them perpendicularly. The dowels don’t have to touch, but they should be close.

You can cut them however you like. I cut them by rolling the dowel in a scissor and then snapping the pieces apart.

Tape one side of a dowel to one of the base wires to keep it in place.

Use your Craft Wire to secure the other side to the base wire.

Repeat with the other side and the other dowel.

Don’t worry if the dowel slips out of your craft wire, we’ll be securing it with twine later.

Take another, smaller piece of wooden dowel and shove it in between the layers of your circle. The wire should be flexible enough for you to do this. Crimp the wire around the sides of your dowel.

To complete the structure, use the floral wire and wrap around the diameter of your lamp about 4-5 inches from the bottom, wrapping at each base wire.

Wrap another ring towards the top of the lamp, above your perpendicular dowels.

It isn’t pretty…yet!

Base: Part 1

Grab your twine and wrap tight coils around every piece of hoop and wire, Hot Gluing where necessary-like the joints. Don’t forget to wrap where your dowels meet the wire!

When you’re done, grab some twine, wrap a piece around the short dowel a few times and make a loop at the top of the lamp. This will let us hang our light. It isn’t pictured here, but you’ll see later.

Base: Part 2

Grab a roll of Burlap and drape it over one side of your structure.

Shove in one side into the small circle on the top, wrap under and glue in place.

Wrap the bottom of the piece around the floral hoop and glue in place on the inside of the lamp.

Glue to the skeleton and the burlap for a secure fit.

Do this on the opposite side with the same (or different depending on your design) piece of burlap.

For the other piece of burlap, cut a slit so that it fits around the short wooden dowel in the wire circle.

Glue the edges in place like before and repeat the process on the opposite side. Again, if you wish to use different types of burlap for each side or what have you, GO FOR IT! 🙂

Weave some burlap under the other pieces of burlap and over the base wire. This is to cover the bottom portion of our light.

Hot glue the bottom edge to the floral hoop. Leave some space near the base wire. We’re going to need that space soon.

The picture (right) shows the lamp upside down, by the way.


Cut 8 strips of Raffia Ribbon and fold them in half over a piece of twine.

Take a another piece of twine and tie the top together to create a tassel.

Use the first piece of twine to attach the tassel to the floral hoop next to the base wire. To make the tassel swing, tie the knot with some space away from the tassel itself.

Repeat 3 more times for each base wire.

Loosely braid raffia ribbon. I used a four strand braid with one being a piece of twine.

Glue the braid to the outside of the lamp at the height of the horizontal burlap piece. This gives it a more finished, blocked out look.

Braid 4 more raffia ribbon braids. They will be the length from the top of the lamp to your 4-strand braid. Glue in place.

Leave some raffia ribbon out at the bottom of the braids to act as tassels.

Take your wired ribbon and cut 6 pieces about 3 inches long. This is my pop of color. You may want to use something different that fits your light!

Squish the top together and tie in place with twine.

Glue to the top of the lamp.

Cut a length of craft wire and string on your wooden beads and shell beads in the order you like. Loop the wire thru the last bead to secure it on each side. Mine was around 2 inches in diameter when done. The large shell beads are 1-1.5 inches long.

Wrap around the base wire where the wooden dowels meet and let it dangle. Cut off any excess wire.

Repeat for each base wire.

The Lights

Grab your Fairy Lights and make a nest of them in your lamp. If you have waterproof lights that is even better!

You Made It!

Amazing job, everyone! This hanging light can be unique for each person who makes it. Maybe you used colored burlap or different beads. The point is that you made something really cool! Hang it up and relax with your favorite tropical treat!

hanging light made of burlap with dangling tassels

Thank you to everyone who made it all the way down here! Please be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest for more projects and photos! Share with your Disney DIY loving friends and family, too. We really appreciate it!

All images on this website were taken by and belong to Main Street D.I.Y. If you wish to share an image, please give credit where credit is due! Send the people our way!

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